Key to Meranoplus workers of Madagascar

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This worker key is based on: Boudinot, B.E. & Fisher, B.L. 2013. A taxonomic revision of the Meranoplus F. Smith of Madagascar (Hymenoptera: Formicidae: Myrmicinae) with keys to species and diagnosis of the males. Zootaxa 3635, 301-339.

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  • In dorsal view, posterolateral corners of promesonotal shield with spines produced beyond the posterior margin a distance greater than their width (fig. 19) . . . . . Meranoplus mayri
FIGURES 19–20. Promesonota of Meranoplus workers in dorsal view. 19. Meranoplus mayri: promesonotum with posterolateral spines (anon.). 20. Meranoplus radamae: promesonotum with posterolateral denticles ( A. Nobile 2007).
Head of Meranoplus mayri worker
Profile of Meranoplus mayri worker
  • In dorsal view, posterolateral corners of promesonotal shield with denticles that never project beyond the posterior margin more than the width of their bases (fig. 20) . . . . . 2


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  • Bicolored: head through postpetiole orange, abdominal segments IV–VII dark brown to black. Petiolar sternum with finger-shaped anterior-projecting process (fig. 21) . . . . . Meranoplus cryptomys
FIGURES 21–22. Petioles and postpetioles of Meranoplus workers in profile. 21. Meranoplus cryptomys: subpetiolar process fingerlike. 22. Meranoplus radamae: subpetiolar process produced as denticle (A. Nobile 2007).
Head of Meranoplus cryptomys worker
Profile of Meranoplus cryptomys worker
  • Unicolorous; if somewhat bicolored, abdominal segments IV–VII never black. Petiolar sternum without finger-shaped anterior projecting process (fig. 22) . . . . . 3


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  • Yellow to brown; occasionally darker brown, but never black. Propodeal spine with carina extending dorsally to promesonotal shield base (fig. 23). Middle and hind tibiae with a thin subapical spur . . . . . Meranoplus radamae
Figures 23-24. Mesosomata of Meranoplus workers in oblique posterolateral view. 23. Meranoplus radamae: propodeal spine with dorsomedian costa reaching notopropodeal suture (A. Nobile, 2007). 24. Meranoplus sylvarius: propodeal spine without dorsomedian costa reaching notopropodeal suture.
Head of Meranoplus radamae worker
Profile of Meranoplus radamae worker
  • Unicolorous chocolate brown to black. Propodeal spine without carina extending dorsally to promesonotal shield base (fig. 24). Both middle and hind tibiae without subapical spur . . . . . Meranoplus sylvarius
Head of Meranoplus sylvarius worker
Profile of Meranoplus sylvarius worker