Key to Dorymyrmex of SE United States queens

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This queen key is based on: Trager, J.C. 1988. A revision of Conomyrma (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) from the southeastern United States, especially Florida, with keys to the species. Florida Entomologist 71: 11-29.

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Figures 15-20. Frontal view of head, juxtaposed with dorsal view of promesothorax and occiptal border of head, of queen Dorymyrmex: 15 and 16) D. medeis, 17 & 18) D. reginicula, 19 and 20) D. bureni.


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  • Head and thorax yellowish and most of gaster notably darker, or body uniform yellowish . . . . . 3
Dorymyrmex grandulus casent0103878 head 1.jpg
Dorymyrmex grandulus casent0103878 profile 1.jpg


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Dorymyrmex bossutus casent0103858 head 1.jpg
Dorymyrmex bossutus casent0103858 profile 1.jpg


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  • Robust species, head as wide as long or a little broader; gaster notably darker than head and thorax . . . . . Dorymyrmex bureni
Dorymyrmex bureni casent0103863 head 1.jpg
Dorymyrmex bureni casent0103863 profile 1.jpg
  • Slender species, head notably longer than broad; gaster at most only faintly browner than head and thorax . . . . . Dorymyrmex elegans
Dorymyrmex elegans casent0003314 head 1.jpg
Dorymyrmex elegans casent0003314 profile 1.jpg


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Dorymyrmex smithi casent0103442 head 1.jpg
Dorymyrmex smithi casent0103442 profile 1.jpg
Dorymyrmex reginicula casent0103900 h 1 high.jpg
Dorymyrmex reginicula casent0103900 p 1 high.jpg