Key to Dorymyrmex of Colombia

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This worker key is based on: Cuezzo, F. & Guerrero, R.J. 2011. The ant genus Dorymyrmex Mayr in Colombia. Psyche. 2012:24 pp. Article ID 516058. [doi: 10.1155/2012/516058.]

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  • Mesosomal profile with two well-developed tubercles, one on the posterodorsal margin of mesonotum and the other on the dorsal face of propodeum . . . . . 2
  • Mesosomal profile lacking a mesonotal tubercle; in some specimens, we can see an angle in the posterior end of mesonotum but never a well-differentiated knob (= tubercle). Mesosomal profile bearing only a well-developed tubercle placed between the dorsal and declivitous faces of propodeum . . . . . 3


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  • Body concolorous light reddish brown to yellowish. Pubescence sparse. Dorsal face of propodeum, anterior to the tubercle, convex. Propodeal tubercle stout and higher than the promesonotal profile in lateral view . . . . . Dorymyrmex biconis
Dorymyrmex biconis casent0179483 profile 1.jpg
  • Body concolorous dark brown, pubescence dense. Dorsal face of propodeum, anterior to the tubercle, straight. Propodeal tubercle thin and lower than or at the same level than the promesonotal profile in lateral view . . . . . Dorymyrmex tuberosus
Dorymyrmex tuberosus worker holotype h.jpg
Dorymyrmex tuberosus worker holotype p.jpg


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  • Body bicolored, head and mesosoma always yellow-reddish, gaster dark brown to black; some specimens could be lighter but always with the gaster darker than the rest of the body . . . . . 4
  • Body concolorous orange or medium to dark brown . . . . . 5


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  • Promesonotal profile continuous. Propodeal tubercle pointed backward. Petiolar scale short, sharp apically, forward directed. Subpetiolar process feebly developed, convex, and covering all the ventral surface of petiole . . . . . Dorymyrmex pyramicus
Dorymyrmex pyramicus casent0173213 p 1 high.jpg
  • Promesonotal profile interrupted in posterior end of mesonotum, forming an angle and determining a clear mesosomal dorsal and declivitous face. Petiolar scale tall, rounded apically, upward directed. Subpetiolar process not well developed, only conspicuous in the ventral end of petiole . . . . . Dorymyrmex bicolor
Dorymyrmex bicolor casent0005318 profile 1.jpg


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  • Posterior end of mesosoma, in lateral view, forming an angle but not a tubercle . . . . . 6
  • Posterior end of mesosoma straight, without a differentiated dorsal and declivitous face . . . . . 8


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  • Small ants, TLI: <117. Scape short, not surpassing the posterior margin of head more than twice its maximum diameter. Posterior margin of head strongly convex . . . . . Dorymyrmex xerophylus
Dorymyrmex xerophylus worker h.jpg
Dorymyrmex xerophylus worker p.jpg
  • TLI >117. Scape longer, surpassing the posterior margin of the head more than three times its maximum diameter. Posterior margin of head straight to concave in the middle but never convex . . . . . 7


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  • Posterior margin of head always medially concave. Promesonotal profile uniformly convex. Dorsal face of propodeum, anterior to the tubercle, straight . . . . . Dorymyrmex insanus
Dorymyrmex insanus casent0005319 profile 1.jpg
  • Posterior margin of head straight to slightly concave in the middle. Promesonotal profile straight to feebly convex. Dorsal face of propodeum, anterior to the tubercle, sinuous. . . . . Dorymyrmex brunneus
Dorymyrmex brunneus casent0173843 profile 1.jpg


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  • Lateral margin of head, in full-face view, strongly convex, with compound eyes placed far inside the head capsule. Posterior margin of head concave in the middle. Propodeal tubercle well developed and upward directed . . . . . Dorymyrmex amazonicus
Dorymyrmex amazonicus worker holotype h.jpg
Dorymyrmex amazonicus worker holotype p.jpg
  • Lateral margin of head slightly convex. Posterior margin of head strongly convex. Propodeal tubercle poorly developed . . . . . Dorymyrmex goeldii
Dorymyrmex goeldii casent0192699 profile 1.jpg