Key to Australian Aenictus Species

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The following key to Australian Aenictus is based on Shattuck (2008[1]). This key is worker-based and A. hilli, known only from males, is not included.


  • A ridge (parafrontal ridge) present on the front of the head starting between the antennal and mandibular insertions and extending posteriorly; head capsule varying from smooth posteriorly and weakly punctate between the frontal carinae and above the mandibular insertions to completely punctuate => 2

Aenictus aratus parafrontal ridge

  • Area between antennal and mandibular insertions smooth or at most slightly angular but never ridged (parafrontal ridge absent); head capsule entirely smooth => 3


  • Pronotum with large smooth areas dorsally and laterally, other areas micro-reticulate => Aenictus philiporum

Aenictus philiporum head view Aenictus philiporum side view

  • Pronotum entirely sculptured with dense micro-reticulations => 4


  • Head with large pale patches near the posterolateral corners; subpetiolar process generally absent but sometimes present as a slight carina => Aenictus diclops

Aenictus diclops head view Aenictus diclops side view

  • Head essentially uniform in colour; subpetiolar process large and rectangular => 5


Aenictus nesiotis head view Aenictus nesiotis side view

Aenictus aratus head view Aenictus aratus side view

Australian Aenictus SL-HW plot.jpg


Aenictus prolixus head view Aenictus prolixus side view

  • Scape relatively short (scape index < 91) => 6

Australian Aenictus SL-HW plot.jpg


  • Body larger (HW > 0.62mm); sculpturing on pronotum extending posteriorly onto the main pronotal body => Aenictus acerbus

Aenictus acerbus head view Aenictus acerbus side view

  • Body smaller (HW < 0.62mm); sculpturing on pronotum limited to the anterior sections around the collar, the main body of pronotum smooth => Aenictus turneri

Aenictus turneri side view Aenictus turneri side view

Australian Aenictus HL-HW plot.jpg


  1. Shattuck, S.O. (2008). Review of the ant genus Aenictus (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) in Australia with notes on A. ceylonicus (Mayr). Zootaxa, 1926, 1–19.