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Gynandromorphs are individuals that contains both male and female characteristics. The cause of this phenomenon is typically, but not always, an event in mitosis during early development. While the organism contains only a few cells, one of the dividing cells does not split its sex chromosomes typically. This leads to one of the two cells having sex chromosomes that cause male development and the other cell having chromosomes that cause female development.

Photo Gallery

  • Polyrhachis lamellidens male-worker mosaic. The left half of body is primarily male while the right half is largely worker-like but with a mosaic of male characters. The head is mainly male but with small sections worker-like (right mandible and right side above mandibular insertion). Most of the right side of the mesosoma, petiole and gaster are worker-like.
  • Polyrhachis lamellidens male-worker mosaic.
  • Myrmecia pavida Male-worker mosaic‎.
  • Myrmecia pavida Male-worker head‎.
  • Myrmecia pavida ergatandromorph head, z-stack