Gnamptogenys minuta

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Gnamptogenys minuta
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Insecta
Order: Hymenoptera
Family: Formicidae
Subfamily: Ectatomminae
Tribe: Ectatommini
Genus: Gnamptogenys
Species: G. minuta
Binomial name
Gnamptogenys minuta
(Emery, 1896)

Gnamptogenys minuta casent0178680 profile 1.jpg

Gnamptogenys minuta casent0178680 dorsal 1.jpg

Specimen labels


A nest was uncovered in a cocoa plantation close to the northcentral Venezuelan coastal town of Ocumare by Dr. Robert Johnson during the 2008 edition of Ant Course. The nest was found under a grapefruit-sized stone with a cusp shaped structure, it consisted of a single chamber dug out from the soil from which 24 workers were collected. Two specimens are deposited in the Museo del Instituto de Zoología Agrícola of the Universidad Central de Venezuela in Maracay, Venezuela, and the rest are in the Arizona State University collection. This observation further reinforces the notion that G. minuta group species are subterranean nesters, in contrast with most members of the genus which prefer to nest in decomposing wood. (Lattke and Delsinne 2016)


A widespread distribution in South America, but documented with relatively sparse and widely scattered occurrence records.

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Neotropical Region: Bolivia (type locality), Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, French Guiana, Guatemala, Guyana, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Suriname.

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The following information is derived from Barry Bolton's New General Catalogue, a catalogue of the world's ants.

  • minuta. Alfaria minuta Emery, 1896g: 106 (q.) BOLIVIA.
    • Combination in Gnamptogenys: Brown, 1958g: 228.
    • Status as species: Brown, in Borgmeier, 1957: 115; Brown, 1958g: 228, 316; Kempf, 1961b: 492; Lattke, 1992a: 127; Bolton, 1995b: 209; Lattke, et al. 2004: 346; Lattke, et al. 2007: 264 (in key); Lattke, et al. 2008: 93; Lattke & Delsinne, 2016: 142.
    • Senior synonym of carinata, emeryi, mus, panamensis, scabrosus: Brown, in Borgmeier, 1957: 115.
    • Senior synonym of pneodonax: Lattke, 1992a: 127.
  • emeryi. Alfaria emeryi Forel, 1901f: 326 (w.) COLOMBIA. Junior synonym of minuta: Brown, in Borgmeier, 1957: 115.
  • scabrosus. Opisthoscyphus scabrosus Mann, 1922: 5, figs. 2, 3 (w.) HONDURAS. Junior synonym of minuta: Brown, in Borgmeier, 1957: 115. See also: Brown, 1958g: 317.
  • mus. Alfaria mus Santschi, 1931c: 265 (w.) PANAMA. Junior synonym of minuta: Brown, in Borgmeier, 1957: 115.
  • carinata. Alfaria carinata Weber, 1940b: 82, fig. 3 (q.) GUYANA. Junior synonym of minuta: Brown, in Borgmeier, 1957: 115.
  • panamensis. Alfaria panamensis Weber, 1940b: 80 (w.q.) PANAMA. [Unresolved junior secondary homonym of panamensis Santschi, above.] Junior synonym of minuta: Brown, in Borgmeier, 1957: 115.
  • pneodonax. Gnamptogenys pneodonax Kempf, 1968b: 375, figs. 2, 3 (w.) BRAZIL. Junior synonym of minuta: Lattke, 1992a: 127.

Unless otherwise noted the text for the remainder of this section is reported from the publication that includes the original description.