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Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Insecta
Order: Hymenoptera
Family: Formicidae
Subfamily: Proceratiinae
Tribe: Probolomyrmecini
Genus: Escherichia
Forel, 1910
Type species
Escherichia brevirostris, now Probolomyrmex brevirostris

Probolomyrmex brevirostris casent0907208 p 1 high.jpg

Probolomyrmex brevirostris casent0907208 d 1 high.jpg

Specimen Labels

This genus is not in use as it is currently considered to be a junior synonym of Probolomyrmex.


The following information is derived from Barry Bolton's Online Catalogue of the Ants of the World.

  • ESCHERICHIA [junior synonym of Probolomyrmex]
    • Escherichia Forel, 1910c: 245. Type-species: Escherichia brevirostris, by monotypy.
    • Escherichia junior synonym of Probolomyrmex: Taylor, 1965d: 346.


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