Aphaenogaster species groups

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There are a number of Aphaenogaster species groups. These have mainly served as a convenience for organizing revisionary studies that focus on a morphologically similar set of species from a particular region.

It should be noted that unpublished evidence has suggested Aphaenogaster is not monophyletic. A molecular phylogenetic study is needed to resolve this problem.

Aphaenogaster crocea group

Bračko, Lapeva-Gjonova, Salata, Borowiec & Polak (2019)

Further investigations are needed to test the hypothesis of a possible A. crocea species group among the Mediterranean Aphaenogaster that would range from the Maghreb (and perhaps Canary Islands) to Sicily, Malta and Southern Italy. In particular, it would be worth to investigate the relationship between these species and those of the A. gibbosa group.

Aphaenogaster gibbosa group

Salata and Borowiec (2018)

Aphaenogaster splendida group

Schulz (1994), Boer (2013), Borowiec and Salata (2014) and Salata and Borowiec (2018).

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