Phylogeny of Myrmecia

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Relationships among selected species and species groups within the genus Myrmecia based on Hasegawa & Crozier, 2006[1]. For relationships among the ant subfamilies see Phylogeny of Formicidae.

Myrmecia nigrocincta species group

M. gilosa species group

Myrmecia midas

Myrmecia nigriscapa

Myrmecia esuriens

Myrmecia brevinoda

Myrmecia pulchra

Myrmecia rufinodis

Myrmecia forceps

Myrmecia tarsata

Myrmecia eungellensis

Myrmecia fabricii

Myrmecia rowlandi

Myrmecia picta species group

Myrmecia urens species group

Myrmecia aberrans species group

Myrmecia cephalotes species group

Myrmecia pilosula species group

Myrmecia tepperi species group


  1. Hasegawa, E. & Crozier, R.H. 2006. Phylogenetic relationships among species groups of the ant genus Myrmecia. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 38, 575–582.