Pheidole diakritos species group

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Based on Salata & Fisher, 2020.


Group Diagnosis

Major worker Head, in full-face view rectangular; in lateral view sub-rectangular; ventral and dorsal faces relatively flat; sides of the head with dense, relatively long, erect pilosity; antennal sockets deep, smooth or with a few rugae; frontal lobes distinct and lobe-like; head shiny, with sparse, thick, irregular rugae, interspaces smooth; inner hypostomal teeth distinct, closely spaced, triangular, with rounded apex and base slightly wider than apex; outer hypostomal teeth absent. Promesonotum short, angular and low; promesonotal groove absent; metanotal groove indistinct; propodeal spines long; mesosoma with thick, dense rugoreticulation; gaster shagreened on the whole surface.

Minor worker Head shiny, with sparse, thick, irregular rugae, interspaces smooth or with rugulae; scape, when laid back, surpassing posterior head margin by two-fifths of its length; promesonotum, in lateral view, convex; promesonotal groove present; metanotal groove present; humeral area with short triangular tubercles; pronotum and mesonotum with thick, dense rugoreticulation, sculpture slightly weakening on dorsum; katepisternum, anepisternum, and propodeum foveolate.


Madagascar. Pheidole diakritos is distributed across the evergreen rainforest biome.

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