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The following projects, and associated websites, are collating various data and information about ants.



No explanation necessary - if you don't know anything about Antweb you don't really like ants.



Database of occurrence records around the world (agglomerative). Based on presence absence at political region grain (2.5 million records, 15500 species, 336 genera. Resolution to political regions/islands). (Started in ?)

Sociometry Database

1384 species (mean/max of nest size colony size) + 1054 species on reproductive structure (mono- & polygynous).


Antwiki has organized and collated some data:


1,238 rows


994 rows

Male Morphology

113 rows

Taxon Names

23,086 rows Type Specimens 5,331 rows,

Worker Morphology

207 rows.

GAGA - Global Ant Genomics Alliance

Global study of ant genomes with an emphasis on establishing high quality genomic resources based on PacBio and HiC sequencing, and with the aim of covering most ant genera. Currently includes genomics of 80 ant species, and plan to have 200 annotated by the end of 2020. Eventually aim to integrate genomic data with ecological, physiological, morphological, and life history trait data.

Ant Fossil Database



Constantly updated database of ant taxonomy, with each valid name linked to their respective pages on antwiki and antmap.

Antscan Project


Evan Economo, P. Hita Garcia, and colleagues. Project working CT scan thousands of ant specimens covering ant diversity and complementing other datasets (e.g. phylogeny and genomes).

Atlas of Ant Anatomy

One idea under discussion but not really launched is to make an 3D anatomy atlas for ants that would comprehensively represent the anatomy of ants and how features change across the ant phylogeny. This would consolidate and integrate recent ongoing morphological work (e.g. work of Adrian Richter, Brendan Boudinot, Roberto Keller...). :

GLAD - Global Ants Database

Georeferenced global database of local community richness and abundance, assemblage composition (abundance/occurrence of all species in assemblage) and traits (generally linked with specific assemblages) (4 linked files: source, locality, observations, traits). Individuals with trait measurements: 4154, species/morphospecies: 9020, assemblages: 4484. Includes traits scheme and terms of use. Initiated in 2006, first paper in 2007.