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This is a myrmecophilous genus of Staphylinidae with thirty species.

This genus is characterised and distinguished from the other lomechusine genera by a combination of the following character states: 1) body surface finely punctated; 2) head with occipital suture; 3) pronotum transverse, >1.5 wider than long; 4) setation on abdomen sparse to moderate; 5) cardo of maxilla covers bases of stipes and lacinia (Fig. 3); 6) lacinia extremely narrowed and parallel-sided mentum almost as long as wide apodeme of labium with medial projection 1st segment of labial palpus longer than 2nd segment each lobe of ligula with 2 setulae.

Myrmedonota are predators, and as ant symbionts either predators of ants (Eldredge personal observation, Mathis in preparation) or scavengers ( Kistner 2003 ). In Costa Rica , Eldredge has observed a Myrmedonota species fly into the midst of an agitated Pheidole Westwood, 1839 colony during nest excavation. Mathis (in preparation) has made detailed observations of aggregation and predation behavior of the two new species described below, but these will be presented subsequently.

List of Myrmedonota and their Host Ants
Genus and species Author and Year Ant Host Distribution Notes
Myrmedonota acutissima Pace, 2009 INDONESIA: Irian Jaya, Nabire area
Myrmedonota aequitatis Pace, 2009 INDONESIA: Irian Jaya, Nabire area
Myrmedonota aidani Maruyama & Klimaszewski, 2008 ants Ohio
Myrmedonota apicicornis Pace, 2009 INDONESIA: Irian Jaya, Nabire area
Myrmedonota biapicalis Pace, 2015 AUSTRALIA: NSW, 4 km NE Mt. Wog Wog
Myrmedonota borneensis Pace, 2008 BORNEO: Sabah, Poring Hot Springs, 500 m.
Myrmedonota brevifalx Pace, 2009 INDONESIA: Irian Jaya, Nabire area
Myrmedonota celebensis Pace, 1993 CELEBES
Myrmedonota cingulata Cameron, 1920 Singapore
Myrmedonota cordobensis Santiago-Jimenez, 2014 ants Mexico
Myrmedonota drugmandi Pace, 2000 PAPUA NEW GUINEA
Myrmedonota gigas Pace, 2009 INDONESIA: Irian Jaya, Nabire area
Myrmedonota goethemi Pace, 2000 PAPUA-NEW GUINEA
Myrmedonota heliantha Eldredge, 2010 ants Kansas
Myrmedonota jaliscensis Santiago-Jimenez, 2014 ants Mexico
Myrmedonota lewisi Maruyama & Klimaszewski, 2008 ants Indiana
Myrmedonota shimmerale Mathis & Eldredge, 2014 ants Mexico
Myrmedonota xipe Mathis & Eldredge, 2014 Azteca sericeasur Mexico


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