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As part of its larger pinned ant collection, the MCZC maintains an alcohol collection of ants. Voucher specimens are mounted on points/pins and placed in unit trays after identification to species level. Additional representative alcohol material is stored in Sarstedt vials with o-ring gaskets. Ants are kept in 100% alcohol at -20 degrees Fahrenheit until later long term storage at -80 degrees Fahrenheit in a cryogenic facility. Newly arrived ants are kept at -20 degrees Fahrenheit until processed.

See table below which summarizes some of the ants in alcohol. The data is fictional at this date.

Sortable table
Genus / Species # of ants Date Collector Country Collection Code # *Location Notes
Terataner foreli 20 2008-11-24 Alpert Madagascar GDA00123 1-A-10 on loan
Terataner alluaudi 20 2008-11-24 Alpert Madagascar GDA00123 1-A-9
Terataner scotti 20 2008-11-24 Alpert Madagascar GDA00123 1-A-8 males
Terataner bottegoi 20 2008-11-24 Alpert Madagascar GDA00123 1-A-7
Aphaenogaster uinta 8 2004-03-01 Alpert United States DCCH09202009 1-B-7
Brachymyrmex depilis 6 1979-07-23 Cover United States GDA05122010 1-C-3
Strumigenys mirifica 4 2011-12-08 General Philippines DG00016 1-E-1
Formica obscuripes 10 2012-08-13 Alpert United States GDA1972-5-12 1-D-2 Cremastocheils guest

*Location = Location in Freezer: 1-A-10 = Tray 1 Row A Column 10