Key to Vietnamese Leptanillinae Genera

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This key is based on: Eguchi, K., Bui, T.V. and Yamane, S. 2014. Generic Synopsis of the Formicidae of Vietnam (Insecta: Hymenoptera), Part II - Cerapachyinae, Aenictinae, Dorylinae, Leptanillinae, Amblyoponinae, Ponerinae, Ectatomminae and Ponerinae. Zootaxa. 3860:1–46.

The key is modified from Borowiec et al. (2011) and Xu (2012), and contains Anomalomyrma, known from the Philippines and Borneo but not yet reported from Vietnam.

Opamyrma are included in the Key to Vietnamese Amblyoponinae Genera. This genus was moved from the Amblyoponinae to Leptanillinae after this key was published.

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  • Mandible with 3–5 teeth (Fig. 6); metanotal groove vestigial to absent; bulla of metapleural gland rounded, located behind level of propodeal spiracle; median portion of clypeus never sharply marginate posteriorly and laterally (Fig. 6) . . . . . Leptanilla
Eguchi et al 2014 Fig 6.
  • Mandible with more than 5 peg-like or saw-like teeth (Fig. 7); metanotal groove conspicuous; bulla of metapleural gland elongate and narrow, running longitudinally below propodeal spiracle; median portion of clypeus sharply marginate posteriorly and laterally (white arrow in Fig. 7) . . . . . 2
Eguchi et al 2014 Fig 7.


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  • Node of petiole without differentiated posterior face; mandible without peg-like teeth, instead with saw-like teeth along masticatory margin . . . . . Anomalomyrma (not yet found in Vietnam)
  • Node of petiole with clearly differentiated posterior face (white arrow in Fig. 8); mandible with slender peg-like teeth, sometimes with an additional row of saw-like cuticular teeth along masticatory margin . . . . . Protanilla
Eguchi et al 2014 Fig 8.