Key to Dorylus subgenera workers

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This key is based on Gotwald, W. H., Jr. 1982. Army ants. Pp. 157-254 in: Hermann, H. R. (ed.) Social insects. Volume 4. New York: Academic Press, 385 pp.

This subgeneric classification system was subsumed under the specie groups suggested in: Borowiec, M.L. 2016. Generic revision of the ant subfamily Dorylinae (Hymenoptera, Formicidae). ZooKeys. 608:1–280. doi:10.3897/zookeys.608.9427

The link for each terminal lug brings you to a list of species for the respective species-group.



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  • Pygidial impression with sharp, well defined margins.....4
  • Pygidial impression without distinct margins.....5


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  • Antenna short and thick, all segments of the flagellum except the last as wide or wider than they are long; each frontal carina usually armed with a caudally projecting spine …..Dorylus (subgenus) Dorylus s. str. = includes all but two species in Dorylus helvolus-group and two species comprising entire Dorylus politus-group (Borowiec 2016)
  • Antenna long and slender, at least some segments of flagellum longer than wide; frontal carina never armed with spines …..Anomma = includes entire Dorylus nigricans-group and two species in Dorylus helvolus-group (Borowiec 2016)


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  • Subapical tooth of mandible simple; frontal carina in lateral view drawn to a ventrally directed point; promesonotal suture only slightly impressed…..Typhlopone = Dorylus fulvus-group (Borowiec 2016)
  • Subapical tooth either truncate or notched at the middle; frontal carina in lateral view rounded, not pointed; promesonotal suture deeply impressed…..Rhogmus = Dorylus fimbriatus-group (Borowiec 2016)