Key to Australian Odontomachus Species

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The following key to Australian Odontomachus is based on Brown (1976[1], 1978[2]).


  • Dorsum of first gastral tergite smooth, finely punctate or leather-like, or at most partly striate on the posterior half => 2
  • Dorsum of first gastral tergite completely striate => 3


  • First gastral tergite in part densely and finely sculptured, at least in a strip along the posterior border; pronotum in profile angled medially => Odontomachus ruficeps
  • First gastral tergite uniformly smooth and shining, though sometimes with minute, discrete punctures and pubescence distributed over most or all of its dorsal surface; pronotum in profile uniformly convex => Odontomachus simillimus



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  2. Brown, W.L., Jr. (1978) A supplement to the world revision of Odontomachus (Hymenoptera: Formicidae). Psyche (Cambridge), 83, 281–285.