Key to Afrotropical Proceratium Species

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The following worker key is based on Baroni Urbani, C., de Andrade, M.L. (2003) The ant genus Proceratium in the extant and fossil record (Hymenoptera: Formicidae). Museo Regionale di Scienze Naturali, Monografie, 36, 1–492.

This key does include new species (P. sokoke, P. carri, P. nilo and P. sali) described in Hita Garcia, F.; Hawkes, P. G.; Alpert, G. D. 2014. Taxonomy of the ant genus Proceratium Roger (Hymenoptera, Formicidae) in the Afrotropical region with a revision of the P. arnoldi clade and description of four new species. ZooKeys 447:47–86.. These species can be identified using the Afrotropical arnoldi clade key noted below.

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Head of Proceratium diplopyx worker
Profile of Proceratium diplopyx worker


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  • Clypeus protruding anteriorly and surrounding the antennal sockets. Fore tibiae with a basal spine . . . . . 3
  • Clypeus reduced, medially subconvex, not surrounding and at most as long as the antennal sockets. Fore tibiae without basal spine . . . . . 5


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  • Propodeal sides at least with a well marked angle. Funicular joints broader than long. Head, mesosoma, petiole and postpetiole opaque. Ghana . . . . . Proceratium boltoni
Head of Proceratium boltoni worker
Profile of Proceratium boltoni worker
  • Propodeal sides unarmed, convex in side view. Funicular joints about as broad as long. Head, mesosoma, petiole and postpetiole at least superficially shining . . . . . 4


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  • Integumental foveae smaller. Pilosity denser and shorter. Gaster convex in side view. IGR 0.27-0.29. Mauritius . . . . . Proceratium avium
Head of Proceratium avium worker
Profile of Proceratium avium worker
  • Integumental foveae larger. Pilosity sparser and longer. Gaster less convex in side view. IGR 0.31-0.34. Mauritius . . . . . Proceratium avioide, a junior synonym of Proceratium avium


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  • Frontal carinae very close to each other and posteriorly fused. Lower mesopleura flat. Integumental sculpture at most granulate . . . . . 6
  • Frontal carinae far from each other and diverging posteriorly. Lower mesopleura posteriorly inflated. Integumental sculpture granulate-foveolate . . . . . 7


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  • Integumental foveae superficial. First gastral tergite longer than 1/4 of the postpetiole. Zimbabwe . . . . . Proceratium arnoldi
Head of Proceratium arnoldi worker
Profile of Proceratium arnoldi worker
  • Integumental foveae deep. First gastral tergite 1/7 or less of the length of the postpetiole . . . . . 8


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  • Integumental foveae smaller and more superficial. Gastral sculpture more superficial. Burundi . . . . . Proceratium burundense
Head of Proceratium burundense worker
Profile of Proceratium burundense worker
  • Integumental foveae larger and more marked. Gastral sculpture deeper. Cameroon . . . . . Proceratium lunatum
Head of Proceratium lunatum worker
Profile of Proceratium lunatum worker