Checklist of Liomyrmex species

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Liomyrmex gestroi castype06922 head 1.jpg
Liomyrmex gestroi
Liomyrmex Distribution.png
Liomyrmex Species Richness.png
Species Richness
Valid Species 1
Invalid Species 9
Fossils 0
Countries Occupied 11
Year Described 1865
First Species Described 1887
Last Species Described 1887


The following species and subspecies belong to the genus Liomyrmex. Synonyms are listed under their senior names. For valid names only see Liomyrmex species and for distribution information see Liomyrmex species by Country.


gestroi (Emery, 1887) (Borneo, India, Indonesia, Krakatau Islands, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, New Guinea, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam)
   • Liomyrmex aurianus Emery, 1889
   • Liomyrmex carinatus Stitz, 1911
   • Liomyrmex froggatti Donisthorpe, 1940
   • Liomyrmex froggatti major Donisthorpe, 1941
   • Liomyrmex reneae Donisthorpe, 1948
   • Liomyrmex tagalanus Menozzi, 1925
   • Liomyrmex taylori Tiwari & Jonathan, 1986
   • Myrmica caeca Smith, F. Smith, F., 1860
   • Promyrma butteli Forel, 1912