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The ants of the North America are relatively well studied in comparison to other regional faunas. What does this actually mean? While there are more species to be discovered and described, these new species will likely be mostly rarer species and species that are part of some taxonomically difficult species groups. The latter remain one of the most vexing basic problems for this region and includes a few of the most speciose genera. Most notable are Formica and Myrmica. Biological information can be found for many species of ants that occur here but there still remain more holes in our knowledge than hard facts.
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Overview of Ants


Size of the North American Fauna

Country Genera Endemic Genera % Endemic Genera Species/Subspecies Endemic Species % Endemic Species
Canada 26 0 0.0 135 10 7.4
United States 77 1 1.3 812 310 38.2

See how the North American fauna compares with the rest of the world.

Lists and Maps of Species

Lists of ants from various places within the United States.

Species Lists for States

Click to see state-based species lists.,_United_States,_United_States,_United_States,_United_States,_United_States,_United_States,_United_States,_United_States,_United_States,_United_States,_United_States,_United_States,_United_States,_United_States,_United_States,_United_States,_United_States,_United_States,_United_States,_United_States,_United_States,_United_States,_United_States,_United_States,_United_States,_United_States,_United_States,_United_States,_United_States,_United_States,_United_States,_United_States,_United_States,_United_States,_United_States,_United_States,_United_States,_United_States,_United_States,_United_States,_United_States,_United_States,_United_States,_United_States,_United_States,_United_States,_United_States,_United_States,_United_States,_United_States,_United_States,_United_States,_United_States,_United_States,_United_States,_United_States,_United_States,_United_Statesof Columbia,_United_States,_United_States
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